• Welcome to IFS

    IFS is the leading international export
    distributor of GM Cars and Trucks.

    Welcome to IFS
  • Welcome to IFS

    Export distributor of International Trucks and Buses by Navistar

    Welcome to IFS
  • Sales and Customization

    IFS makes it fast and easy for dealers and
    fleet partners worldwide to find, customize
    and import the vehicles they need

    Sales and Customization
  • Parts

    IFS is an expert partner for international
    distributors, dealers, fleet and government
    customers who need to find and import
    fully compliant original and vintage parts

  • Service and Training

    IFS stands behind its vehicles with industry-leading
    global sales support, including full warranty
    administration and technical training

    Service and Training

Contact Us

USA +1 510 569 8900
Europe +31 320 218725
Asia +86 21 2098 9510
Latin America +1 510 499 7070
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